Diana, Princess of Wales

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Up to 500 Million Children's Lives Saved
by a Princess Diana Dress

The Owners of a Princess Diana gown, Lot # 18 purchased at the 1997 Christies Auction of Diana's dresses, and The Great American Doll Company are planning to cut up their dress to help the world's children. *2003 Update

The projected value per square inch of the Diana dress, in terms of inoculations (for TB, measles, etc.), represents the lives of 20,000 children worldwide at about US$0.20 per life saved. (According to UNICEF 1999 statistics, more than 800,000 children worldwide needlessly die every year from complications of measles.) This puts the total potential value at over 500 million children lives that could be saved with inoculations which prevent these diseases.

The fragments of the dress (approximately 2mm square) will be sold as part of the Princess Diana doll offered by the company or separately in a numbered, quality plaque. Both the Princess Diana doll and the "Princess Plaque" are to be accompanied by several other things including Certification of Authenticity, information on how children will benefit from the dress with names of charities and organizations that benefit directly and indirectly from the sales, a history of the dress, how further donations can be made, etc. A Princess Diana book, based in good part on experiences of the owners and the company since acquiring the dress, is planned for sale later this year.

Advance Reservations for a fragment of Princess Diana's dress with or without the Princess Diana Doll are being taken at this special website, www.greatamericandolls/dianadress, effective February 20th, 2000. Be sure to check the site often as we will post more information about the dress and the uses of the money generated including who is most helped by it, anticipated dates of delivery, the design of the Plaque and Doll, etc. as it becomes available.

Within a short time, there will be counters on this site showing in real time the actual numbers of fragments ordered as well as the number of children that can be helped by those orders.

There is also a parallel offer, a "private sale" of the Princess Diana Dress in an effort to "save the dress" from being dismantled. This is an opportunity for any individual, groups of investors or individuals, corporations, institutions (philanthropic or otherwise) to buy the dress intact before the date of dismantlement. This is a direct "bid" against a growing list of participants who are ordering their pieces of the Diana's dress. Benefits to the world's children would still be maintained, and this historical artifact would be preserved for posterity.

The main purpose of destroying an actual Princess Diana dress is to generate an awareness of the plight of the world's children through one of the most profound, moving and admired individuals of the late Twentieth Century. Besides what we achieve from our cutting up and sale of this single dress, we expect to generate, through publicity and word of mouth and through the internet, a much larger interest and need for active participation in the real needs of the Twenty-First Century.

The net result, any way you look at it, is that people, no matter who or where, can experience for themselves the act of actually saving the lives of children on a worldwide basis. With the world growing smaller and communications through the internet and other media breaking down all borders and barriers, it is only a very short time that the fences that hide the indecencies and inequalities and inequities of the last century will get lower and lower until we will no longer be able to ignore what is all around us. There will be a time for us all to take notice that children are dying needlessly and that we can help tremendously, effortlessly, from a keyboard or a telephone to eliminate these problems from the world.

We are only the first of many to bring the obvious to everyone's attention. By these acts, others can now take notice, follow our lead, and participate. We are betting on the future, and the future is with the children.

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