2003 Historical Update

On February 20, 2000, Michael Lam, a co-founder of GADCO, had presented an ingenious plan to aid the world's needy children suffering for lack of immunization. The plan is summarized in the next few pages.

His ideas were presented to reporters during a press conference in Hong Kong. Reuters News Service was present and liked the concept so much that they wrote their own article about it, listing the "Dianadress.com" website. Their article was immediately published in a large English-language Hong Kong newspaper, the South China Morning Post.

The story was subsequently picked up by the Reuter's London (main) office and then syndicated to hundreds of newspapers around the world where the idea was read by an estimated 1.5 to 2 billion people in more than 130 countries. Many magazines and TV/Radio news shows picked up the story as well. This caused the website to overload from the many thousands of emails and orders from Diana followers wanting to participate in the plan.

However, no matter how great or legitimate the idea, the offer had to be withdrawn for undisclosed reasons within three days of the press coverage. Consequently, the dress was not cut up, and not one penny was ever collected.

The Diana dress was subsequently sold to a private collector who has since taken it on the road as part of a now famous Princess Diana Gown exhibit to help raise public consciousness and money for ongoing breast cancer research.

Although the direct benefit of the dress offer for children was never achieved, we know that after reading our article millions of people were enlightened for the first time about the continuing plight of many of the world's children. This by itself moved many to act in behalf of the children, to act charitably on their own to save countless lives that would otherwise have been lost. For this, we are thankful that destiny allowed us, for the moment, to contribute what we could to improve the lives of those who have little choice to begin with. We did make a difference.

A little bit of our doll history,

From GADCO with Love.

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