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Diana Dress

Baby Eliza

Bruno Rossellini's

18" in Height, World Class Quality HardCastTM Vinyl
A Hand-Numbered Worldwide
Limited Edition: One Year Production

Full Length View of Baby Eliza


Hand-numbered "Kimberly Bear" Included

Baby Eliza Doll Bear


Our 18" Eliza is a very special baby, a Real Work of Art. We have just produced only the first 250 regular edition dolls ever made of this one year production. Her sculpting, like all of Bruno's work, is very realistic from her face to her adorable tongue, ears, toes, and hands. This is the same look that Bruno Rossellini's baby had at 8 months old. It is sculpted to look exactly like Bruno's baby girl. Baby Eliza's natural style armatures allow her arms and legs to be positioned in many poses at the same time as keeping her vision in a straight-on direction. She was made in realistic-looking HardCast® Vinyl, to be appreciated and adored by all for all the generations of collectors that follow. She adds a very definite ambience to the home, bringing joy and relaxation to all who see her. (All artist proof dolls are signed by the company founder, Fredericka Lam.)


Part of Baby Eliza's appeal are her European made glass eyes in a soft and beautiful deep ocean blue color. These eyes are handmade, using both classic and space-age materials to produce an effect that is as lifelike and natural as has ever been seen on a doll. Thus each Eliza can be considered a unique piece of art by itself, creating a mystique and sense of presence for Eliza which makes us feel that she is alive. Because of their unique scratch-resistant construction with museum quality glass and their special placement in the doll, there is a very real sense of beauty, realism, value, and an "old world charm " quality to every Eliza made. These eyes " sparkle" like polished diamonds and will always remain sparkling and beautiful. (This look can be renewed indefinitely by simply cleaning with Windex® and Q-tips®.) Her eyes are framed by the use of attractive hand set eyelashes.


Another added feature that truly sets Eliza apart from other dolls is her size and at the same time enhancing her appeal and value to collectors is her clothing. She is specially dressed in an exquisite French-style soft pink baby dress with delicate embroidery trim on her collar and sleeves. Her matching baby hat is made using ever so intricate pin tucks, lace, satin ribbon tie, and satin ribbon side flower design. (Eliza's clothes was exclusively designed for The Great American Doll Company by famous doll clothing designer, Eileen Smith.) Her outfit is completed by her adorable baby shoes with flowers, lace and golden side buckle, and attractive lace-edged cotton socks. The main effect of Eliza's custom made clothes is that of added elegance and charm and that "personal touch" so rare in production dolls. The overall look of the embroidered dress makes the final product have the look and feel of an elegant and exquisite work of art. It is expensive and time consuming to do this kind of artwork on baby doll clothing and is quite exquisite, but it is well worth it for the look.


Baby Eliza has her own unique Certificate of Ownership and her special Hangtag specifying that she is one of a very limited group of 250 dolls, the beginning of a much larger one year production. Membership in this exclusive club makes Eliza a much rarer doll than those that follow and, as such, gives you a much better value for the money and potentially a much more valuable doll. What a deal!

At GADCO...we take your doll collecting seriously.

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