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Jackie JACKIE & BONNETT Since the American Revolution, Americans have always been fascinated with the wealthy and powerful. We were forever looking to our presidents and power figures for guidance and direction during times of strife and uncertainty. However, it was not until Jackie came into our lives that we truly had our own home-grown symbol of all that is America.

Here was someone who truly represented all that was good with America - a woman of power and perseverance, of stature, elegance and dignity. She had set an example that was to become the model for women for many generations to follow. Here, certainly, was one of the greatest Americans.

In honor of her great legacy to us and the positive influences her life has had on so many others, we commissioned Bruno Rossellini to sculpt Jackie as a five-year-old along with a detailed and authentic sculpture of her Great Dane, Bonnett. This valuable two-piece set is the first of its kind ever and is all handmade from an expensive museum-quality porcelain and modern space-age resin. A genuine leather leash and engraved gold plated dog tag further enhances the presentation. We are also including a valuable child's version of the expensive necklace purchased by us at the Sotheby auction of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in April of 1996. The entire set is sent in an attractive multicolored gift box with Certificate of Authenticity suitable for framing. Jackie and Bonnett

By keeping the edition size low at only 9,500, the "Jackie and Bonnett" set seems destined to become a rare and valuable collectible, and unlike other renditions of Jackie, this set was not made for play but as a valuable collectible art that will further enhance your collection. It is also a powerful and lasting tribute to one of the greatest women of our time. Priced at only $195 for the set and now nearly sold out!

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