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Diana Dress


Chloe CHLOE LOVE UPDATE She is a hot, hot GADCO doll! Want the inside story on this one? We were all in shock following the passing of Princess Diana. When the dust settled, we had a huge number of collectors begging us to do a Diana doll. To help meet this demand, we delayed the production of Chloe Love a little bit longer.

In addition to the delay caused by our Diana doll, Chloe was herself a most difficult birth. She is a big baby, bigger than ANY baby on the market. Indeed, she is a fat-legged, pudgy, great big baby girl! To do her production right, we needed a new production oven that could accommodate her larger leg and arm molds (the old ovens were large, but not large enough).

She has more calves than any baby on the market and that required HUGE molds. Her legs are full calf and full thighs so, when here little bloomers slide up, you will always see vinyl leg--never cloth. Her arms also come up way above her elbow, very true to life in size. The doll is a great big baby girl to behold and very BIG, yet still priced at only $285, complete with her own new box, certificate, and everything else that makes her worth the wait.


1. Jackie I -- 5000 Sold out in October 1997!
2. Jackie II -- 500 Sold out in only 36 hours!
3. Monroe Kohl -- 1500 Sold out in only 4 months!
4. Madison Mandella --1500 Sold out in only 4 months!

At GADCO...we take your doll collecting seriously.

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