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Diana Dress


March 25, 1998

Dear Freddie,

Where do I begin? I received my Diana doll on Friday, February 27. I was so excited I could hardly open the box- and when I did, I was speechless- awe struck. She is just SO BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't imagine she could look so much like Diana- so much so that she brought me to tears. The portrait is just as beautiful. No other company would include such a treasure.

As usual the costuming is gorgeous- styling and materials are perfect. I absolutely LOVE the muff and those adorable three strap antique shoes. You even lined the coat-dress! The undergarments are so pretty. She is truly a princess.

True to form everything is of the highest quality. The wig is so silky (thanks for the brush!), the vinyl so smooth, and the eyes are so realistic you expect them to move. My daughter Rachel (age 12) was especially taken with the way the eyes were set. The eyes really give Diana a soul.

Now let's talk money. I can't understand how you can sell these dolls at such low prices. I know I have said this before but I have to repeat it. I make dolls and know what quality materials cost. I've paid much more for dolls that don't come anywhere near yours. There are none better. You are so generous and it is greatly appreciated. It's not that I want you to raise your prices but I would understand if you did. Keep in mind I can buy more of your dolls if you don't.

I just want you to know that Diana went to someone who appreciates the excellence in design and the quality workmanship. It's obvious that you put your hearts into her. She will be treasured.

Again I want to thank you, your husband and everyone at The Great American Doll Company for a job very well done. You have really touched my heart.


Bethann of Montana

January 5, 1998

Dear Gadco,

I received my Chloe Love doll today at 6:00 P. M. by U. P. S. How can I express my excitement when I opened the box and first saw this precious baby? She is absolutely beautiful!

The size of the baby is very life like. She is well worth the wait and I am very honored to own one of these beautiful babies.

Please send me information and pictures of any new babies that might follow. This is my first GADCO doll and I am sure it will not be my last!

Sincerely, Diane of Alabama


Dear Gadco,

I have to tell you--every time I think I can stop collecting more dolls, you come out with another fabulous creation! Monroe is so breathtakingly real, I can't believe she's a doll. One look at her "in person," and I was sunk. Her beautiful hair, those stunning blue eyes, her expression, even her eyebrows (!) are perfection. I own at least 400 dolls (I have deliberately stopped counting!) and my Gadco dolls are the most favorite by far. Not only are the dolls great, but their clothes are of equally fine quality. Keep up the good work--


Dear Barrett,

I received my Monroe Kohl doll this week and when I took her out the the beautifully designed box, I could scarcely believe my eyes!!! I just marveled at the care and the workmanship and every detail that went into this work of art. She is absolutely gorgeous. This doll is a Cadillac in every aspect. I fell in love with her picture in "Doll Collectors" magazine and only hoped that she might look close to her photograph when I placed an order for her. Much to my joy and amazement, she look exactly like her photograph. She is a doll that warms your heart when you look at her and I would like to thank each one that had a part in her creation. She is truly a quality made doll and just more than I had hoped.

Thanks again,

Sincerely.........Lynda of Michigan



I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Madison! What a happy little girl--it is impossible to look at her without smiling back at her. Her outfit is precious and very becoming to her--love those earrings, especially.......and her rag doll is the perfect, added touch. I have to tell you about our last doll club. It turned into a "GADCO party"! My friend and I brought Madison and Monroe. The other members couldn't put them down. They were dazzled by our lovely girls. The next day, six members ordered: 4 Monroes, 2 Madisons, 1 Jackie and 2 Chloes (2 of us had already ordered her!) This is in addition to the 7 Rossollini dolls we already have!

Keep up the great work! These are the nicest dolls on the market.


Dear Freddie,

It was such a pleasure talking to you a couple of weeks ago, when I called to tell you how delighted I was with Ninotschka! She didn't start out to be a Christmas present, it just worked out that way, and she made my Christmas!

She arrived "just under the wire" on December 23. When I opened her on Christmas morning, there were many pleasant surprises. You really out did yourselves!

The box of Godiva chocolates was a delightfully unexpected touch! Thank you! Her clothes, especially her shoes, were as well made as your description promised. (I never thought I'd get excited about the shoes on a doll, but these truly are exceptional.)

What you never mentioned at all in your description, is that she is armatured! Not only that, but her hands actually rotate! It took a while before I figured that out!...then you even included the stand! The wig is beautifully styled--(yours always are)--and was something of a surprise because it was hidden by the hat, which even has the little bow on the back!...and what a sweet face!

I love all of your dolls. They are the only ones I will buy sight-unseen because I have never been disappointed with any of them. The clothes are always exquisite and the wigs are first quality. They are truly little works of art. There is nothing I can say bad about them. Even your boxes are beautifully done, and like no one else's. Everything is obviously put together with a great deal of skill, love and care! In person I have found that your dolls always deliver more than expected, never less!

I also have to compliment your staff. Whenever I have called there, everyone I have spoken to has been so pleasant! I have always been made to feel like family, which is a refreshing change in today's business climate.

Ninotschka joins Martina, Marlene (and Popcorn), Jasmine, Trixie and Katalin. If I had to pick a favorite, I truly couldn't do it! Keep up the good work!

Fond regards........Janet

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