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The girl:
Jacqueline Bouvier,
nearly 4.

But Can It Conduct
A White House Tour?

WHAT A 35-inch-tall, $495 collectible Jackie doll, whose manufacturer intended it to be a tribute to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

LOOKS LIKE PORCELAIN (BUT IT'S NOT) The original was designed by Bruno Rossellini, an Italian sculptor, based on photographs of Mrs. Onassis as a girl. The 5,000 numbered copies, being sold by the Great American Doll Company of Orange, Calif., are of hardcast vinyl, which has that shiny porcelain look. They went on sale on July 28, 1997, which would have been Mrs. Onassis' 67th birthday.

THE AUCTION (AGAIN) The doll wears a single-strand gold chain necklace with color-coordinated coral-like beads. It is a child's version of a necklace that Michael R. Lam, the company's president, bought at Sotheby's auction of items from Mrs. Onassis' estate in April. The original, he said, is "residing in a well-protected vault." Like other bidders, Mr. Lam was caught in a frenzy. "We were prepared to purchase several pieces to be used as added fashion accessories for our Jackie doll," he said. "We watched our favorite items come up to the block, then quickly sell off at multiples of 20, 30 or even 50 times our original bids."

EVEN UNDERWEAR Never mind that the doll's dress is made by hand and embellished with colorful embroidery made from French thread. Mr. Lam said that this is a doll with full underwear--lace-edged drawers, a petticoat with white lace and hand-knitted cotton socks. The shoes, by the way, are of soft lambskin.

EVERY HAIR IN PLACE Mr. Lam commissioned Cristophe, the Beverly Hills, Calif., salon owner known for his celebrity clientele (and for cutting President Clinton's hair in May 1993 while Air Force One idled on a Los Angeles runway).

The doll: for $495,
vinyl, lace and a
Cristophe flip.

"Jackie's hairstyle took time to be developed," Mr. Lam said. "Cristophe wanted to give her special styling, which would capture both the little girl Jackie and still allow her to be recognizable as the adult Jackie." Cristophe refused payment for his work, Mr. Lam said, and his fee was donated to a charity for research on non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, "the disease that took Jackie from us."

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