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Diana Dress

Shoshanna I

Bruno Rossellini's
A Kwanzaa Celebration Child
First in the Chairman's Series®

33" in Height, HardCastTM Vinyl
Limited Edition: 1000
$395 + Shipping
Full Length View of Shoshanna I

Shoshanna is wearing a festive Kwanzaa Celebration dress with bold primary colors. Adorable white 100% cotton cuffs with full machine stitched working buttons and buttonholes.

100% white cotton embroidery trim imported from Switzerland finishes her white 100% cotton collar. Royal blue sash with rich hand dyed royal blue calf leather sandals with cork bottoms, leather soles, and gold side buckle closure. Beautiful hand tied braided hair with 53 full braids. Colorful beads finish each braid end. She carries a 12" plush mink-look teddy bear under her arm. A Genuine Diamond CollectionTM doll comes complete with one point diamond necklace. World Class Quality Handcrafted in California.

At GADCO...we take your doll collecting seriously.

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