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Bruno Rossellini's

33" in Height, World Class Quality HardCastTM Vinyl
A Hand-Numbered Worldwide
Limited Edition: 500

Full Length View  SOLD OUT


Tabitha is a fully poseable 33" HardCast® Vinyl Collectible Toddler doll sculpted by Bruno Rossellini. She has been made in a Worldwide Limited Edition of 500, with an Advance Release of only 125 dolls available now, making her an extremely rare edition.


Prior to this time, there had been very little fanfare or publicity on her. In fact even now, hardly anyone knows about her. She is truly a dream and a bargain with no premium added for her special sub-edition of only 125 dolls, but there is more, much much more.


An image taken from real life, Tabitha is one of the most realistic personalities you'll ever find in the doll world. She sits, she stands, and she comports herself like a real human like the sweet little soul that she is. She uses genuine precision made European glass eyes to help give her that deep, human quality that only real glass eyes can produce. Her eyes are framed by the use of attractive hand set eyelashes.


Her dress is a beautiful royal blue 100% Cotton hand smocked and hand embroidered French-style toddler dress circa the 1930's. The colors of embroidery threads are made up of subtle blues, greens and pinks in delicate flower and leaf designs. It was designed exclusively for The Great American Doll Company by that well known designer, Eileen Fitzgerald Smith. Tabitha's undergarments include a full petticoat, bloomers, and GADCO's own standard insertion ribbon interwoven inside the lace on her bloomers and fashionable slip. She is wearing expensive antique-style hand crocheted socks and specially designed all white T-Strap style shoes with full golden buckles that attaches at the side.


Because of her many lifelike qualities and attributes, GADCO designed a special full length doll stand exclusively for Tabitha and Dietrich. The design is like no other ever seen in the industry. In addition to this, the standard GADCO gift box has been replaced with an exquisite custom made Steamer Trunk. This steamer trunk is sturdy, well made and fully functional. It is covered in an expensive looking Art Nouveau material that is so reminiscent of European Grandeur of a bygone age. Truly a value in and of itself, it adds tremendously to Tabitha's value as a very rare collector piece.


The edition size, artistry, quality, and all the other special accessories and attributes that come with Tabitha make her a very special and valuable collectible. With only 125 dolls ever made at this point in time, she is ultra-rare and very definitely, without a doubt, one of the few real doll treasures to be released this Century (and probably the next Century as well!) We are really proud of Tabitha and know that she will be gone within a very short time.

At GADCO...we take your doll collecting seriously.

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