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Bruno Rossellini's "JOHN-JOHN®"

Bruno Rossellini's

33" in Height, HardCastTM Vinyl

Limited World Wide Standard Edition -- 2000
$495.00 Plus $25.00 Shipping *in US

Limited World Wide
"Artist Proof" Edition -- 500

$795.00 Plus $25.00 Shipping *in US
Hand Signed by the Artist and Founders,
Numbers under 500!

Masterful true to life recreation of historical event. Incorporates genuine piece of President John F. Kennedy's actual "long john" underwear in every limited edition doll.

Little John peaking out from beneath his father's Presidential desk in the Oval Office.

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In the production of John-John, no effort or expense was spared in recreating the most realistic rendition that was possible. Following our own tradition of excellence, our trademarked quality is seen throughout the construction of John-John. Handmade glass eyes, hand set eyelashes, and the finest of synthetic hair are used to create an "alive" look, a realism, that both excites and appeals to us. His clothes, made as close to the original design as possible, are exquisitely recreated out of top quality woolen and cotton materials. The shoes are very realistic as well.

John-John is made with exquisite little boy legs that are sculpted to go all the way to the bottom of his torso. In other words, they stop where normal legs stop so he looks great with his coat on or with his short jump suit (off-white wool challis material) and a long-sleeved dusty blue cotton shirt. His coat is fully lined and comes with official custom-made metal buttons that say, "President of the United States" exclusively made just for The Great American Doll Company.

He has strong armatures, permitting him to be easily posed for sitting as well as standing. His arms are completely poseable. His saluting arm can be positioned at his side or in the famous saluting position. (This hand was specially sculpted so that it could be posed in the exact way that John-John, at that poignant historical moment, positioned his salute; very tentative; it is amazingly exact.) When he sits, his legs go straight out and do not bend.

He comes with a custom designed, all metal doll stand and Classic Trademark GADCO Doll Box. John-John will be ready to ship in the summer of 2001. We anticipate an early sell out, the same fast sell-out situation that happened with our now famous "Jackie I and Jackie II" dolls. (Go to: OUR PRESS RELEASES PAGE to see the famous stories written in "The New York Times", The Doll Reader, and many other publications about Jackie I and II and to view their exquisite photographs!)

Experience the presence of greatness and history for yourself. Own a piece of a legacy and your own artistic masterpiece to cherish and share with your family for now and for generations to come. Become a part of the American Experience today and see how it feels to own a piece of living history. This is a must for all serious collectors! (A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every John-John doll will be donated to an appropriate historical museum.)

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