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THE 2000 FALL NEWSLETTER -- Issue 24 - Page 3


On November 22, 1963, America was stunned by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This event traumatized a country and a world.

In the days following his death, the country was thrown into deep grief and depression as we mourned our dead President. It became a major part of our personal, as well as national, history to have been alive during JFK's time, to have been there to see his triumphs and successes, and to have borne witness and grieved with the rest of the world as he was so tragically cut down by an assassin's bullet.

Amidst all of the tragedy and gloom, the funeral procession, and all the rapid events that disrupted our lives and overwhelmed a depressed nation, one image above all others is recalled. That is the image of John Jr. standing at attention, giving a final and proud "salute" to his dead father and our dead President.

This little boy had helped to put a whole nation back on its feet. Dressed appropriately for this solemn day by his mother in his dusty blue woolen coat, off white short jump suits, and brown leather walking shoes, John-John indeed bid his final farewell to his father. This scene of the President's 3 year old son saluting his father was photographed and circulated probably more than other single event coming out of this blackest page of American history and is most remembered for its ultimate effect of reviving our hope and faith in the future at a time when many were mired in depression. That is a vision and a memory which most of us will never forget.


This poignant little boy, at that moment, became a permanent part of world history, and it was for this reason that we chose to immortalize that image in this masterful and true to life artist sculpting of John-John taken from that scene and from that "other " famous image of little John peaking out from beneath his father's Presidential desk in the Oval Office. Bruno Rossellini, in one of his most dramatic and serious efforts, has captured for all time the drama, the innocence, and the reality of this child and those moments in time that will forever stay with us.


Now, it is really exciting to be able to share the latest great news with you! The Secret Story of John F. Kennedy's winter long johns, exclusively from The Great American Doll Company! The story starts during the time when then Senator John F. Kennedy and Jackie Bouvier Kennedy were just married, living in a small house in the Hickory Hill section near Washington, D.C.

Jackie's Secret

This is actually Jackie's secret that has placed an aura of secrecy and intrigue around this pair of underwear, and it was this mystery aspect to the long johns that caused them to briefly become the center of National attention as reported in numerous magazine articles including write-ups in The Washington Times and People Magazine (June 7, 1982). In their article, "People Magazine" noted that, "In 1953, young Jackie Kennedy found that she had far too many wedding presents. So she sorted through the gifts, selected the ones she least liked, and bundled those up in Jack's old winter underwear. . .Then, she toted them off to the Walter Reed Antique Shop owned by the late Jack Traten."

Forgotten for Half a Century

Until now, the pre-Presidential underwear had been lying dormant for nearly half a century. The store owner, for sentimental reasons, had kept them up on a backroom shelf and only after his passing were they rediscovered. Not since the time Jackie had lovingly used Jack's underwear as protective wrapping had these underwear seen the light of day, but now, we have their "coming out party" when in 1997 they were sold for thousands of dollars at the famous Guernsey's Auction in New York of John F. Kennedy's personal belongings. It was there that these were acquired and finally found their way to us and now to you.

Well Worn and Worn Out

dolls In describing the underwear, they are full length with full sleeves and legs. They are "double" insulated meaning that there are two layers of heavy woven material for full insulation against the cold. When we bought them, we could see how much they were used since there were many "worn" areas. They were so worn that they were frayed and torn at the bottom of the legs and in the hands, practically shredded. The seat, which was a form of "rumble seat", was held up with two buttons and was wearing a little thin as was the other side.

Based on their wear, we know that JFK really enjoyed wearing these both for the comfort and warmth provided during the severest and coldest of Eastern winters, and judging from their wear and the fact they were nearly worn out in spots by the time they were used by Jackie for wrapping up old gifts, these had to be one of his favorite articles of clothing. Of that we are sure.


New Life In a New Doll

This is not the usual type of clothing that is offered to doll collectors as part of the doll's clothes. Old underwear usually doesn't get a second chance. However in this new incarnation, we are happy to be creating a new life for old long johns, a life which will both enhance and endear something spectacular and historically significant for you and your loved ones.

Thus we have it that JFK's own personal underwear, his well worn and long forgotten long johns, can experience a renewal, a revitalization as an integral part of our newest doll creation, John-John, by Bruno Rossellini. For now for the very first time in history, we have incorporated an actual piece, a fragment, of JFK's actual long johns into each and every John-John doll created in this edition!

This is our gift to you, one that you will NEVER find on another doll and one that is covered and protected by our own patents. This is a first for dolls and an absolute must have for you and your collection.

Real Kennedy History

Because we can offer to share with you an actual piece of American History, one that belonged to both Jackie and John Kennedy, you can have something that is extremely rare, valuable, and that you cannot find anywhere else. Nowhere else would anyone be able to obtain their own private collection of genuine Kennedy memorabilia. It is a fascinating concept to realize that by acquiring one of our limited John-John dolls, you have joined the ranks of those who have touched greatness, who have experienced history directly, and who have the wisdom to know a great offer when it is presented to them. This is a First in the History of dolls and an absolute necessity for any collector who strives for quality, value, meaning, and maximum enjoyment from their collection. This is the stuff of which legacies are made.


In the production of John-John, no effort or expense was spared in recreating the most realistic rendition that was possible. Following our own tradition of excellence, our trademarked quality is seen throughout the construction of John-John. Handmade glass eyes, hand set eyelashes, and the finest of synthetic hair are used to create an alive look, a realism, that both excites and appeals to us. His clothes, made as close to the original design as possible, are exquisitely recreated out of top quality woolen and cotton materials. The shoes are very realistic as well.

John-John is made with exquisite little boy legs that are sculpted to go all the way to the bottom of his torso. In other words, they stop where normal legs stop so that he looks great with his coat on or with his short jump suit (off-white wool challis material) and a long sleeved dusty blue cotton shirt. His coat is fully lined and comes with official custom made metal buttons that say, "President of the United States" exclusively made just for The Great American Doll Company.

He has strong armatures, permitting him to be easily posed for sitting as well as standing. His arms are completely poseable. His saluting arm can be positioned at his side or in the famous saluting position. (This hand was specially sculpted so that it could be posed in the exact way that John-John, at that poignant historical moment, positioned his salute, very tentative, it is amazingly exact.) When he sits, his legs go straight out and do not bend.

He comes with a custom designed, all metal doll stand. John-John will be ready to ship in the late Fall. We anticipate an early sell out, the same fast sell-out situation that happened with our now famous "Jackie I" and "Jackie II" dolls. (Go to: OUR PRESS RELEASES PAGE to see the famous stories written in "The New York Times", The Doll Reader, and many other publications about Jackie I and II and to view their exquisite photographs!)

Experience the presence of greatness and history for yourself. Own a piece of a legacy and your own artistic masterpiece to cherish and share with your family for now and for generations to come. Become a part of the American Experience today and see how it feels to own a piece of living history. This is a must for all serious collectors! (A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every John-John doll will be donated to an appropriate historical museum.)

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